For thousands of years, people have been watching the Earth's satellite in the hope of finding out the weather faster than the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The moon really affects the weather and even the climate of our planet, although the reasons why this happens have not yet been studied.
Australian scientists have conducted a number of isotopic studies and revealed the composition and origin of deep diamonds that were formed at a depth of about 400 kilometers.
Scientists have deduced the dependence: the higher the sea level, the lower the volcanic activity on Earth.
Can life reappear near a dead star that has passed the red giant stage? The results of the new study are encouraging.
The tallest tree in the world is considered a sequoia, which can reach a height of more than 100 meters, but where is the limit after which it stops growing? Or is it not there at all?
Since the middle of the XX century, we have been feeling the effects of climate change more and more. This summer, fantasies about the end of the world seem to have become a reality: natural disasters are occurring all over the globe, the number of which, obviously, will only grow. But scientists have already figured out how to predict future changes and minimize losses. Measurements made by researchers back in the 1870s will help in this.
We tell you how things are on Mars and at a distance of 400 light-years from Earth!
Heavy metals enter the environment due to human activity, and for many living beings they are toxic and can harm the entire ecosystem. However, some bacteria have come up with ways to deal with such metals.
Over the past month, nature has decided to once again show humanity how vulnerable it is to natural disasters. Some events, such as fires in the United States, are seasonal, but others have become a real surprise. China and Western Europe have suffered from severe floods, and huge tracts of land are burning in Russia and the United States.
While the pandemic reigns on Earth, there are enough problems in space. There are problems with air leakage on the ISS again. In addition, Russian cosmonauts risk being left without spacesuits for spacewalking. The good news is the repair of the Hubble telescope, which has not worked for more than a month.