A baby shark born in an aquarium with females, where there were no males for more than ten years, stunned scientists.
What is the meaning of life? All the answers to this question come down to one thing – to live. Live happily ever after. A long life and a healthy, active old age is the oldest and most cherished dream of a person. But in order to overcome or at least postpone old age and death, it is necessary to know what the aging process is.
Several families have sued a specialist in infertility treatment – they claim that he used not only someone else's sperm from outside donors, but also his own to fertilize patients.
The popular myth about the possibility of mismatch of secretions and blood by the antigenic system AB0 has no basis.
A new study conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) estimates that about 740,000 newly diagnosed cases of cancer last year may be related to alcohol consumption.
Let me introduce you to the Ophiojura, a bizarre deep—sea animal found in 2011 on top of the secluded seamount Bank Duran in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.
DNA tests have confirmed that the sample found in 2019 is indeed the rarest giant turtle from the island of Fernandina.
Neuroscientists from the universities of Munich and Birmingham have traced how complex vibrations that occur in the brain during sleep form long-term memory. Scientists from Flinders University have concluded that myopia can be caused by a violation of circadian rhythms.
According to a new study, scientists have identified the probable origin of Citrinus lanatus vulgaris, commonly known as watermelon. It turned out that the ancestor of the iconic fruit with green stripes is the Sudanese melon.
Scientists conducted an extensive study of the genomes of people over 100 years old and identified key features that allowed the body to live for more than a century.