This continent has not always been covered with ice. In ancient times, it was covered with tropical forests. But when was it and why did the mainland turn into an ice cap?
The findings were made in the states of Victoria and New South Wales, in the south-east of the continent. Reptiles lived here in the Middle Cretaceous, about 100 million years ago. Australia was much closer to the South Pole then, and it was cooler on its territory than it is now, but still warm enough for reptiles.
In 2019, scientists described in detail the remains of erythrosuchids of the genus Garjainia found in Russia, and showed that this species and another species of this genus, Garjainia prima, found in Africa, are apparently one species.
In 2015, the first species of feathered dinosaurs with webbed, bat-like wings was described. Their Latin name Yi qi has become one of the shortest in biology, although the name of the family of scansoriopterigids itself cannot be called short.
Scientists have recreated the appearance of a cub of one of the largest predators in the history of the Earth.
Scientists have long known that the Tyrannosaurus really lived up to its royal name. And what was the real strength of his huge jaws?