The mouse embryo was able to grow in an artificial uterus up to day 11 — half of the mouse's gestation period. Human skin cells were reprogrammed in such a way that an embryo was formed from them at the initial stage of development. Hereditary information is transmitted not only by DNA, but also by sperm proteins.
Obesity is the second most important risk factor for COVID—19 disease. Ultrasound stimulation of the liver helped the mice to get rid of excess weight. Adipose tissue cells on the abdomen block the process of fat breakdown during interval fasting, they can only be affected by a constant diet.
If you suffer from skin problems, then the most frequent recommendation that friends and some doctors will give is to give up sweets. Most often, chocolate is blamed for the appearance of irritation and acne on the skin. A great many myths have developed around this super-popular sweetness, but the question remains open: does chocolate affect the appearance of acne?
The blood contains about 700 kcal / liter, so an ordinary adult will have to drink at least three liters to maintain energy. However, in order to maintain a normal level of vitamin C in the body, a person will have to drink another six liters of blood. Is it possible to live by eating only her?
Many men, especially family men, often pick up a smartphone and go to the toilet. There they disappear for a good half hour. If there is no break in the space-time continuum in the restroom, then what are men really doing?
Each of us has our own daily routine. Someone likes to get up early and have more time, and someone, on the contrary, believes that it is better to sit at night and finish everything. One way or another, both larks and owls can show productivity. But the latest research suggests that people who get up early are still more energetic and active.
Can't remember the name of your second grade teacher or what you had for dinner yesterday? If so, then this is normal: both long-term and short-term memory tend to deteriorate with age. However, the more neuroscientists learn about the aging of the body, the more tricks they discover to slow down or even reverse this process. We have selected six ways to keep an excellent memory regardless of age.
If you don't like to go to the doctors, but would like to know if everything is all right with you — there are some ways to assess the general condition of the body.
British nutritionists warn of the threat of the growing popularity of vegetarianism and veganism for the intellectual abilities of the future generation. The fact is that the fetus developing in the body of a highly ethical mother does not receive some necessary substances in the proper amount.
Tuberculosis has been known to man for a very long time. Hippocrates also wrote that this is the most common disease in his lifetime, and its most characteristic symptoms are cough, chills, fever, rapid weight loss and weakness. But what about Hippocrates: studies have recently been published, according to which 245 million years ago animals were already dying from insidious mycobacteria, because without proper therapy, the disease will not go anywhere.