The main news on January 26 is dedicated to the brain. Early bilinguals focus better and switch their attention faster. Musicians who started training in childhood have better tuned brains. For those over 60, taking a nap after lunch is very good for brain health. The baby boomer generation is the calmest
Often people who want to lose weight complain about a slow metabolism. But can metabolism really be fast or slow? Professor Teresi Tolar-Peterson from the University of Mississippi decided to answer this question in detail.
With the arrival of autumn, many of us begin to feel constant weakness, and a depressed mood almost completely negates the rare joyful moments during the day. But how to determine when it's time to see a doctor?
The study showed that boys whose mothers suffer from depression during pregnancy are more likely to be hyperactive and aggressive. The researchers also found that children are more likely to develop depression by the age of 18 if their mothers suffer from prenatal depression.
Japanese scientists have identified several causes of depression, one of which is herpes. In this case, the treatment methods will be different.
History buffs know that Adolf Hitler had a whole bunch of illnesses, both physical and mental. In addition, Hitler was lucky enough to become the owner of a motley bouquet of diseases below the belt, which included disorders that are extremely rare together. Having a history of diagnoses such as micropenis, non—omission of the testicle and hypospadias is like pulling out a prize lottery ticket, just the opposite. But Hitler managed to hit the real jackpot of pathologies - he had all three diseases.
A woman's hormonal background is like a complex musical instrument: a lot depends on its tuning. If the mood is bad, life will sound like a fake melody and will not bring joy, regardless of the efforts made. How do birth control pills affect a woman's emotions? Scientists checked it.
According to statistics collected in the United States, one in ten fathers suffers from postpartum depression, which is twice the average rate of depression in men.
Almost 10% of all elderly people face depression, but it is at an older age that it is difficult to recognize and cure this disease.
Just try a little experiment: the next time you take a shower, start with a hot one and finish with a cold one. Stand under a stream of cool water for at least one minute. Do this for a couple of days and observe how you will feel.