Terrorists, serial killers and tyrants are certainly not buried in a cemetery next to someone's kind great-grandmother. We tell you how they most often deal with their remains.
Survivalists and popular doctors from TV offer to drink their own urine as a disease prevention, to wash her wounds and quench her thirst. At the heart of this, the supposedly complete sterility of human urine. But is it true that urine is sterile?
Amateur cooks claim that if you add a pinch of salt to a pot of water, the water will boil much faster. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
Suppose a guy named Ivan made a tattoo on his chest in the form of a portrait of his beloved girl. Ivan became older and bigger, and the girl left him. The portrait on the chest was distorted and turned into a wrinkled and indistinct caricature. Laser removal is expensive, so Ivan decided to make a new flesh–colored tattoo to hide the old one. He even picked up the color of the paint, exactly matching the tone of his skin. Will it work?
Cats, when falling, reflexively turn around in the air so as to land on their paws. In one documented case, a cat fell from the 32nd floor of a skyscraper in New York and survived. But falling from a great height for a fluffy pet is not always painless and safe.
It is extremely difficult to hear someone in a crowded bar or at a noisy party. It is difficult to follow the speech of actors in Russian cinema against the background of sound effects and soundtracks. Can a person somehow train his hearing to hear better?
Hand washing is one of the most important components of the fight against the spread of infectious diseases. But can't these same infections remain on the surface of a lump of soap?
To endure when you really want to go to the toilet is normal. We suffer during long trips, in cinemas and simply because it's awkward to take time off. But is it true that the bladder can burst if you don't go to the toilet for a long time?
Melatonin in tablets really helps to fall asleep faster, but it does not guarantee continuous drowsiness. In addition, it can influence what happens in the process of falling asleep: for example, to cause brighter dreams. Whether it's good or bad depends on whether the dream was pleasant or dangerous.