Those who have an elementary idea of fish know that they, like many other marine creatures, have gills that allow them to extract oxygen from the water to breathe. But what if you put the fish in some other liquid?
Caffeine is an extremely powerful substance that can be dangerous if you consume it in too large quantities. The FDA warns: one teaspoon of caffeine in powder form is equivalent to about 28 cups of coffee, so the powder has been banned from sale in many countries.
Aluminum compounds used for primary water filtration are safe for humans. Scientists have found out whether the presence of this metal in drinking liquid can provoke a better dissolution of lead in it, which is contained in water pipes.
We all know perfectly well from childhood that finding a needle in a haystack is still a problem. But impossible tasks simply do not exist! And if you don't take our word for it, then here are real ways for you to actually find a needle in a standard haystack weighing about three hundred kilograms.
Every feast has consequences and the New Year's celebration is no exception. Moreover, for many, this is the most important celebration of the year, so libations can be appropriate. And for any alcohol consumption, our body pays for intoxication, the effects of which are often very unpleasant. We tell you how to get rid of them quickly.
It is customary to give flowers or put them on the table for decoration. But we are much more interested in the fact that many flowers... they are good for food.