Swiss researchers have claimed to have calculated the mathematical constant pi to a new world record of accuracy, reaching 62.8 trillion decimal places using a supercomputer.
Doctors have been monitoring stroke survivors for four and a half years to identify the formula of life. Of course, it lies in the movement.
Sleeping for, for example, ten hours in a row can be called a waste of time, scientists are sure.
Kids don't like doing homework, and it's no secret. But it makes children smarter, you say. And we will answer that not always, and explain why.
Scientists from the University of San Francisco have installed a neuroprosthesis that allowed a paralyzed person to dictate whole words to a computer. Engineers from Tel Aviv University have developed an implant that allows you to restore sensitivity in case of nerve damage. Engineers from the University of San Diego have developed an electric current generator powered by human sweat. Scientists from Brown University have developed a system for diagnosing anemia by photography.
The New York Times analyzed the actions of the Indian government, which became one of the causes of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. An Indian doctor told Nature magazine about the possible causes of the COVID-19 outbreak, how official statistics of cases and deaths are maintained, and why the outbreak has declined.
With the onset of summer, it is easy to overdo staying in the sun, turning the desired tan into a real sunburn.
Experts say that in modern society, nightmares are tormenting people more and more often. The frequency of night panic attacks is also increasing.
Everyone knows which direction is meant when they say clockwise. But why do the hands of the clock on the dial go in this direction?
In the pre-dawn hours of Monday, a powerful fire broke out at an oil refinery in Indonesia, causing a column of smoky flames to rise to the skies. At least five people were seriously burned, and 950 nearby residents were hastily evacuated.