The island fox from the island of San Nicolas lives only on the most remote of the eight Channel Islands of California. Since recently, it has been in a low-risk group of extinction.
The painting The Last Day of Pompeii in colors shows how scary nature can be. On this day 1942 years ago, the eruption of Vesuvius claimed thousands of lives, and victims of this disaster are still being found.
Currently, assisted reproductive technologies used for the treatment of infertility allow you to get a long-awaited pregnancy in almost any clinical situation. With the help of the in vitro fertilization program, it is now possible to overcome not only the tubal factor (what this method was originally created for), but also male and endocrine infertility. In addition, using IVF, we have the opportunity to diagnose and select healthy embryos from parents who are carriers of genetic diseases.
The possibility of time travel has excited scientists for hundreds of years, inspiring countless books and films. The ability to move not only in space, but also into the past or the future would open up many possibilities for humanity. But is time travel theoretically possible?
Researchers from the HSE and the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences have demonstrated the ability of T-cell immunity to resist the 11 most common variants of SARS-CoV-2. Scientists at Northwestern University, USA have developed a method of fighting tumors using NK cells of innate immunity. Brown University scientists have shown that self-isolation negatively affects the intellectual development of children born during the pandemic.
Admit it, who has already gone on vacation? Remember that feeling of expectation that another day and you can have a good rest. It turns out that the brain begins to rest and recover while still waiting, which is why vacation has such a good effect on us.
The iota variant of SARS-CoV-2 has a higher transmissivity and lethality, but the iota variant itself has been practically supplanted by other strains. The effectiveness of the Sputnik V vaccine from the delta variant is 83%. It will take from 7 to 10 years to develop collective immunity in Russia in a natural way. After a year, all inflammatory processes in the brain of those who have had COVID-19 stop and the central nervous system is fully restored.
Stimulation of harmful white adipose tissue with IL-25 cytokine turns it into useful beige and reduces the risk of obesity in mice. A plant-based diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly by 52%. Fitness trackers really help to get rid of excess weight, especially step counters are useful. When training with weights, the cells of white adipose tissue receive the command to burn fat and give energy.
ETH Zurich engineers have developed a new, surprisingly simple method of combining two metals into one nanocrystalline structure.
Scientists have studied how bacteria get into concrete and how their environment changes over time — in the future they can be used to track or even eliminate defects in buildings.