The virologist spoke about why it is not worth waiting for the end of the pandemic next year — the people themselves are to blame.
Yes, imagine, there is such a holiday. It is logical to celebrate it at the table, with a spoon in your hand, and having a large plate of delicious rich soup in front of you. And which one is better? The journalists tried to get an answer to this question from expert nutritionists.
Scientists studying regenerative medicine believe that the new biotechnology will allow people living now to extend their lives up to 1000 years.
A huge part of industrial production today falls out of recyclables. Badges signaling the secondary origin of paper bags, plastic and glass bottles, cardboard boxes are found on dozens of types of packaging, and sometimes on clothes, shoes or household items. But it turns out that elements from the material obtained after waste processing can also be integrated into the human body!
For the legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker, the loss of his arm in a duel with Darth Vader remained a tragedy only for five minutes: in the next scene, he got a very perfect prosthesis. In reality, such a thing can only be dreamed of, but scientists are working to make it a reality.