The new legal term ecocide means intentional harm to the planet. If this definition is adopted by the International Criminal Court, the destruction of the environment will stand on a par with war crimes and will open the way for the prosecution of world leaders and corporate executives who deliberately harm nature in their own interests.
Scientists with the help of a remotely controlled underwater vehicle captured an unusual octopus on video; its species identity is not precisely determined.
In 2019, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation published documents related to the study of samples that, hypothetically, could belong to a bigfoot. The study was carried out more than forty years ago, but it has only become known about it now.
At the beginning of summer, these common inhabitants of large cities hatch chicks, and then protect the fledglings from potential threats. Such a threat to birds may seem to be a person who approached the chick with the best intentions. The bird, of course, does not know these intentions and is eager to fight — to protect children!
It's hot on Venus — the temperature near the surface reaches 460 degrees Celsius, and the atmospheric pressure is about 90 times higher than on Earth. Clouds consist of microdrops of concentrated sulfuric acid. The atmosphere consists of carbon dioxide (96%) and nitrogen (3%). Water is found in trace amounts, there is practically no oxygen.
Scientists have discovered for the first time an organism that produces chlorophyll, but clearly does not use it in photosynthesis, since it does not engage in photosynthesis at all. Why he needs such a strange combination of abilities is still unclear.
Diptera insects (order Diptera or Diptera) have two ways of mating. More primitive species, like mosquitoes, engage in sex simply by sticking the ends of their bellies to each other. Advanced diptera, such as flies, practice sex in a position where the male is positioned on the female - like most mammals.
Just in case, let's clarify that the attacking party was the cougar. Apparently, kitty really wanted to eat. At that moment, a man ran past her on the mountainside.
Wombat is a marsupial animal living on the island of Tasmania, near Australia. It feeds on local vegetation, resembles either a small bear cub or an overgrown hamster, very cute and mimic. And it's also the only animal that poops cubes.