Until 1654, blacks in early America were not slaves. However, after the trial between John Kasor and Anthony Johnson, everything changed.
Tin is a light and ductile silver–colored metal that has one interesting feature known as the tin plague. And yes, it's contagious!
As part of the project, IKEA Apartment Library shared the interiors of a small one-bedroom apartment, selected specifically for people with disabilities.
The stone shelter in the South African Kalahari concealed the innovative behavior of the first people who lived on these lands about 105,000 years ago.
Falling asleep, we do not even think about what dangers await us after passing into unconsciousness. Sleep is necessary for our body to exist, but it can also become deadly.
Many people work in coffee shops. Perhaps freshly brewed coffee can really stimulate brain activity, but what about the noise and the people around you? It seems absolutely impossible to concentrate in such an environment. And despite this, a huge number of people, especially creative professions, become much more productive in public places. What is the mystery of coffee shops?
Sugar is everywhere, and many are increasingly comparing it to another white powder, much more dangerous. But what do scientists say about this?
When doing household chores, we follow generally accepted hygiene standards. However, not all of them are true! We have compiled a list of rules for a modern housewife who does not act in the old way, but according to science.
The Arctic is getting greener every year. Scientists say that this is a very alarming signal, since the volume of vegetation is increasing due to the fact that the region is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. The northern landscapes are undergoing huge changes that can have serious consequences not only for the Arctic itself, but also for the world as a whole.
If wine stained everyone's teeth the same way, there would be no problem. However, after drinking a bottle with friends or in a romantic setting, some people notice that their teeth are colored purple, while the rest are fine, and the teeth have not changed color. Why is this happening?