A lot has been written about this work of ours. I followed the published notes with interest and in one of them I was amazed to read about myself as a young promising graduate student," Professor of Skoltech and MISIS, member of the European Academy, full member of the British Royal Chemical Society and the American Physical Society Artem Oganov told PM. – It was also reported that we have "invented" a new Periodic Table. This is, of course, a strong exaggeration. But the work really turned out to be very beautiful, like a short exquisite song.
Scientists have found out the taste preferences of cannibals and discovered a biological mechanism that protects them from eating blood relatives.
Machine analysis of tens of thousands of dream reports has shown how real-life characters are woven into them.
In July of this year, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration released a database from which it follows that 76 billion prescription painkillers were sold in the United States over six years. This is enough to provide pills to every adult and child in the country for 36 years ahead. Multibillion-dollar lawsuits are being filed against pharmaceutical companies across the country.
Based on statistics from the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the relationship of the days of the week with the frequency and causes of death was found out.
When in the XIX century it was found out that the papillary pattern on the fingertips is unique for each individual, fingerprinting revolutionized criminology. Left an imprint at the crime scene – you can't get away. The criminals armed themselves with gloves and wipes to erase their fingers. But it became much more difficult for them when a new discovery was made: our individual passport is stored in each of the hundred trillion cells of the human body.
The ability to control thoughts in one form or another has been widely used by the authors of numerous science fiction novels. But recently, the visualization of mental images has ceased to belong to the realm of fiction.