Most of us, when we hear the word gold mining, a picture appears before our eyes: a taiga, a river, prospectors with a pickaxe and a shovel. Believe me, everything has been happening differently for a long time. Modern gold mining is no longer even dump trucks and excavators, but new technologies and advanced developments, sometimes resembling space ones. Today, together with the Polyus gold mining company, we will talk about why drones are at the quarry, and bacteria are at the factory. We invite you to the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where the largest currently operating quarry of the Vostochny Olympiadinsky deposit is located.
The noise from the endless stream of cars on the streets prevents the birds from learning new melodies. Chicks learn to sing with a delay and more often make mistakes in the performance of bird hits. Also, birds are more likely to suffer from a decrease in immunity, which indicates the chronic stress they are experiencing. In the course of a new study by scientists from the Max Planck Institute of Ornithology, it turned out that zebra amadines (birds of the finch weaver family) suffer from a noisy environment, as it interferes with the development of important learning skills acquired by chicks in the early stages of development.
Both cars and electronic devices require heat removal systems, which are usually made of iron, steel or aluminum. However, this may soon change, as scientists have created two magnesium alloys, which they claim can reduce the weight of such systems by a third.
Big money corrupts a person. There are millions of examples as an argument: wealthy bankers and officials, influencers from Instagram, millionaires from Forbs lists, fashion rappers, bosses from Obnoxious bosses and, perhaps, yours too. But can this stereotype turn out to be a lie, which was invented by less well-off people to console themselves? What does science say about this?
A poll conducted in March 2019 showed that in Russia only 2% of people consider themselves vegetarians. In the USA and Europe – about 5-6% of vegetarians. India is a record holder, where almost half of the population does not eat meat. Vegans – people who have completely abandoned meat and any animal products – are much smaller, and their exact number has not yet been calculated. But what would happen if everyone on Earth became vegan?
Summer has not yet set in Russia, but there will still be hot days, which means there will also be car salons heated in the sun, in which many people now store disinfectants. Is there a risk of setting your own car on fire?
Putting a nuclear reactor into operation takes years. The nuclear power industry branches into hundreds of directions, where each: from the separation of uranium isotopes to the choice of a coolant is a reason to defend a PhD. Is it possible to talk about simplifying technologies and increasing production rates with the help of 3D printing in one of the most difficult areas of science? American scientists say: Why not? and they offer to wait with bated breath for the world's first reactor with a 3D-printed core.
Why are carbon dioxide emissions reduced so little during the global lockdown? According to some researchers, the answer lies in which sectors of the economy have stopped and how much.
If you have already reviewed all modern films and TV series, then review all three parts Back to the future, but only after reading our material. Firstly, this is how you will celebrate the anniversary of the film, because this year it is 35 years old, and secondly, you will learn a lot of new things even though you have already seen the film a hundred times.
The X-ray image clearly demonstrates why all passengers in the car need to keep their feet on the floor.