It's time to sell this drink in pharmacies for a long time — it's so good for health. Don't you believe it? Look at what happens to the brain when you drink (two or three cups a day, no more) coffee.
The diagnosis of the characters in this collection is Savant syndrome, or savantism, a rare condition that leads to the appearance of outstanding abilities in a narrow field of knowledge or unexpected skills. Savantism sometimes accompanies congenital disorders and much less often — traumatic brain injuries. In such rare cases, people who have suffered from serious brain damage suddenly discover a penchant for music, fine art or mathematical calculations; sometimes this completely turns their lives and careers upside down. There are about fifty registered cases of acquired savantism.
Take a simple lattice space. Set a set of simple rules. Start the time. You got a cellular automaton - almost a whole world.
Popular culture has turned sharks into real monsters – ruthless and absolutely deadly. In fact, even the most aggressive shark species rarely attack humans. You are much more likely to die from some completely everyday thing — for example, from a balloon or a vending machine...