Navigation in some parts of the ocean is so developed that they create a great inconvenience for the movement of whales. Animals trapped can suffer, and a recent report served as a reminder of this.
After a series of accidents in 2020, the iconic Arecibo telescope may close forever
You may not know everyone listed in this collection, but without the achievements of each of them, today's aviation would be a damn dull sight. The problem is that they are undeservedly forgotten, unlike the well-known two American brothers. Popular mechanics decided to restore justice and recall the six little-known pioneers of aviation.
To endure when you really want to go to the toilet is normal. We suffer during long trips, in cinemas and simply because it's awkward to take time off. But is it true that the bladder can burst if you don't go to the toilet for a long time?
The unicellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii is known for its association with cats. The parasite can move from animal to human, most often through contact with cat feces. It usually causes mild flu-like symptoms, but in people with weakened immune systems, infection leads to seizures and serious lung problems. Toxoplasmosis also sometimes has extremely strange consequences. The parasite changes the behavior of rodents and can even affect human behavior.
Which is faster – a meter per second or a furlong in Fortnite? What is measured in pirate ninjas and beard seconds and pirate ninjas? Before discussing, studying, or even thinking about anything, it is necessary to agree on terms and dimensions. Today, when the metric system has spread almost all over the world, we are less likely to encounter confusion associated with the use of alternative and non-standard units, whether it is an elbow or an arshin.
At least 100 people were killed, thousands injured, tens of thousands suffered material damage. Half of the city was blown to shreds, the hospitals are packed, and all this is not a terrorist attack or a military operation. This is a man-made disaster in Beirut at one of the port warehouses: 2,750 tons (almost one kiloton in TNT equivalent) of ammonium nitrate, which had been stored there since 2014, exploded. Popular mechanics decided to recall what other powerful non-nuclear explosions were in peacetime and their consequences.
These guys are well known to everyone. The creation of the world's first truly flying aircraft, the very first human flight on a heavier—than-air machine with an engine is all their irrepressible handiwork. Did you know that after that flight, the Wright brothers' Flyer-1 no longer took to the skies, they had a bicycle business, they succeeded in printing, while neither Orville nor Wilbur Wright received a high school diploma? And yes, the first fatal plane crash is also them.
From the Korean border to nuclear test sites: how dangerous territories for people become shelters for wildlife.
The danger of radiation lies in the high penetrating power of very small particles of high energies into living tissues, so scientists are fighting its consequences with nanoweapons.