A powerful radio telescope studying the Milky Way satellite galaxy has discovered thousands of previously unknown sources of radio signals.
The possibility of time travel has excited scientists for hundreds of years, inspiring countless books and films. The ability to move not only in space, but also into the past or the future would open up many possibilities for humanity. But is time travel theoretically possible?
It is time for the annual observation of the Perseid meteor stream.
Clouds of electrons floating in deep space were captured in high resolution for the first time, which revealed to scientists cosmic phenomena that caused astronomers deep surprise.
New research has refuted the presence of liquid water under the surface of Mars. Water vapor circulates in the moon's atmosphere. In one day, the Greenland ice sheet lost 22 gigatons of ice. The lower the level of the world ocean, the higher the activity of volcanoes.
No one has seen this planet, but the oddities of the orbits of objects in the icy outer reaches of the Solar System suggest that there is something very massive behind Pluto.
Can life reappear near a dead star that has passed the red giant stage? The results of the new study are encouraging.
Ziri Yunsi, a member of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration, explains how scientists managed to photograph a black hole at a distance of 55 million light-years.
Astronomers have several techniques for this, two of which can be used by any owner of a telescope.
We tell you how things are on Mars and at a distance of 400 light-years from Earth!