It is rightly said that humanity has explored the near space better than the ocean floor. If we continue the comparison, we can see that the greatest scientific and practical achievements in space were obtained with the help of unmanned platforms. The same, apparently, awaits us deep under water.
Getting a profession and working on a schedule, oddly enough, is the lot of not only humans, but also some animals. We talk about what classes cats have mastered at different times.
Linguists doubted that, having arrived at the Earth's space colony, astronauts would be able to make out the local dialect of people born on an interstellar ship.
At the end of 2019, two astronauts, two scientists and two NASA engineers took part in another underwater expedition under the NEEMO program. They spent nine days in isolation at a depth of almost 20 m off the coast of Florida – on a manned station, the situation of which simulated work in space.
Devastating fires are raging in the northern part of the US state of California. Astronaut Andrew Morgan was able to film them from aboard the International Space Station.
One of the islands of the Kuril Archipelago, Raikoke, suffers from the activity of the volcano of the same name every now and then. This area is uninhabited, and even the outlines of the shores change noticeably with each eruption or collapse of the crater.
Esquire met with a British biohacker who, with the help of a chip, wants to give humanity a new feeling.
You can be the most ardent fan of auto and motorcycle racing in the world, love them more than life, but it will be very difficult to surpass Andrew Feustel in your passion. He expressed his love for speed sports by capturing several dozen tracks from space before the race he planned to watch would take place on them.
The Soyuz-FG spacecraft will travel to the ISS with Alexey Ovchinin and two NASA astronauts today, March 14, 2019. The main task is to change the crew of the orbital laboratory. Popular Mechanics offers to watch the start process live. Two crew members were in the Soyuz-MS10 spacecraft, the launch of which turned out to be an emergency.
The human body is not too adapted to space travel. Perhaps, in order to adapt to them, the body needs to be changed.