Despite the fact that it is just a fragment of rock, a strange cosmic body has attracted the attention of scientists with its unusual proximity to the Sun — they do not know how it got there.
According to the results of a new study, the freshwater ecosystems of the Earth may take millions of years to recover from the damage caused to them by humans. The study also showed that gastropods living in these environments are disappearing three orders of magnitude more than in the era of mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs.
In 2012, in the vicinity of the town of Maniitsok in Greenland, European geologists discovered the oldest crater on Earth! Its diameter was 100 kilometers, and, as scientists assumed, it arose as a result of the fall of an asteroid three billion years ago. A new study suggests that in fact this geological formation is not a crater at all.
Before heading to Antarctica, Evatt, a mathematician at the University of Manchester in England, and his colleagues calculated where they could find meteorites. In two years they have collected 120 stones, which are perfectly visible on the white snow of the southern continent.
Soon, rocket flights into space will seem as bizarre as traveling long distances in a sleeping car. Of course, the rockets will be preserved for long flights — for example, to other planets — but we will get to orbit exclusively by elevator. The starting point will be a giant floating platform at the equator, from where passengers will be picked up by an elevator, which will take off into the sky at a speed of about 2000 km/ h. The first stop will be a space platform, where passengers will already feel weightlessness. It will hang in space at an altitude of about 35,000 km above ground level. Balancing the structure will be an asteroid, which is still about 10,000 km away. We have just briefly outlined the idea of a space elevator.
Scientists believe that the black hole began to absorb much more matter. The hole itself does not manifest itself in any way, but the substance absorbed by it glows before being pulled into the event horizon, and changes in the brightness of this glow indicate the amount of matter absorbed.
The celestial body 2019 OU1, approaching the Earth, according to NASA scientists, has a diameter of 160 meters, which is 20 meters larger than the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
An alarming suitcase is a kit necessary in case of a nuclear strike. Usually, liquid for kindling a fire, medicines and water filters are put in it. But what to add to this set, everyone decides for himself.
At the Conference on Planetary Protection held in early May, scientists from all over the world once again tried to simulate the program of saving the Earth. The success was very conditional — according to the results of the simulation, most of New York lies in ruins.
In North Dakota there is a large collection of remains of animals that died about 66 million years ago. Fish, ammonites, aquatic dinosaurs and even an apparently terrestrial triceratops are buried together in a mass grave.