Amateur cooks claim that if you add a pinch of salt to a pot of water, the water will boil much faster. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
Chocolate is one of the most popular sweets all over the world. The Mayans and Aztecs have been using a mixture of roasted cocoa beans with water and bitter pepper for centuries - it turned out to be an excellent high—calorie tonic drink. Even the word chocolate itself most likely comes from the Aztec word xocolātl, bitter water.
In 2019, residents of green areas of London complained about the persistent aroma of the seed, which haunts them day and night. But why?
In the cells of the tongue responsible for the perception of tastes, the same receptors were found as in the nose. They are able to catch the flavors of food and help a person to distinguish it better.
Garlic is a very controversial seasoning: it adds a piquant pungency to many dishes, but at the same time serves as a source of a sharp and unpleasant smell from the mouth at the end of the meal. Experts have found out how to quickly and easily get rid of this problem and not cause discomfort to others.
Have you ever wondered why an avocado or mango has such a big bone? Who can eat it? Or why do men need a beard? Or what kind of animals can durian attract with its fragrance? All these are manifestations of so-called evolutionary anachronisms, and the following video is about them.