How to get financial independence? A lot of people are thinking about this. And everyone is looking for a suitable way to gain prosperity and material freedom. Some are focusing on their careers, some are creating businesses, others are investing.
Rospotrebnadzor has developed a universal test for SARS-CoV-2 mutations. An artificial finger gropes for viruses. Apple Watch predicts SARS-CoV-2 infection by heart rate. The oldest person in Europe, Sister Andre, a nun, got over COVID—19 and recovered by her 117th birthday.
Today, manufacturers of smart watches continue to actively work on improving the function of heart rate tracking and determining whether a person has atrial fibrillation, although they admit that the notifications of the watch may be inaccurate. Together with the doctor Alexander Borisovich Romanov, a cardiovascular surgeon and doctor of medical sciences, we understand why manufacturers of smart bracelets pay special attention to atrial fibrillation, what types of arrhythmias there are and why it is important to monitor your heart rhythm.
Stay hungry. Stay reckless — these words from Steve Jobs' Stanford speech have become a pillar and a guiding star for many dreamers who want to change the real world with their ideas. The founder of Apple was inspired by this phrase at the age of 19, having seen it in the latest issue of the Catalog of the whole Earth - a collection of articles about the environment and technology.
Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon — these four companies have gained unprecedented economic influence for private business. We will never part with our smartphones, hundreds of subscribers in social networks and the opportunity to order a new card with a discount in two clicks. The problem is that uncontrolled consumption leads us to a crisis, the scale of which is difficult to even imagine.