The ability and desire to walk straight had a huge impact on human anatomy and behavior.
Doctors said that a boy was born in Iraq, who for the first time in the history of medicine managed to document a rare anomaly – a triple penis.
A recent study suggests that the development and evolution of humans is happening faster than at any time in the last 250 years. These conclusions were reached by scientists from Flinders University and the University of Adelaide, who found that since the end of the XIX century, people increasingly have an artery in the forearm, which usually disappears about eight weeks after birth.
After analyzing the genetic data of a large number of women, scientists found that those of them who inherited some genetic features of Neanderthals tolerate pregnancy better and give birth to more children.
All right-handers have an analytical mindset and developed logic, whereas left-handers are creative, disorganized, but artistic. Everyone has known this since childhood... and this is the deepest misconception. All people use both halves of the brain equally — a scientific fact. Nevertheless, stereotypes associated with the predominance of the left or right hemisphere persist and continue to arouse curiosity.
Human skin hides complex patterns of lines that you hardly suspected.
Strictly speaking, these are Siamese twins — two different people fused together by a part of the body. But, if usually Siamese twins are fused by the liver, pelvic bones, skulls, etc. — in general, really body parts, then here, everything except the heads has become common.
The most frisky tails have a great chance of being the first to reach the desired goal. It was clear before, but here are the details of the organization of the races.
Dozing off before takeoff and landing, you can permanently damage your ears, doctors from Harvard warn.
According to Kipling, the elephant owes its long trunk to its irrepressible curiosity: he wanted to know so much what the crocodile eats for lunch that he had to ask the crocodile himself, and he pulled the elephant's short nose into a long trunk for the time being. How it really happened, biologists are still arguing.