Canadian researchers report that an allergy that develops in a child in the first year of life can be predicted by analyzing his very first feces.
The influence of the chronotype on the likelihood of developing asthma and allergies in adolescents has been proven for the first time by a scientific study.
Someone believes that antibiotics can cure any ailment. Someone, on the contrary, avoids antibiotic treatment and seeks to shorten the course. In this article, we are ready to dispel common myths and give objective information about what antibiotics are actually capable of.
Sneezing is one of the most interesting reflexes of our body.
American scientists from the National Institutes of Health in Hamilton with the participation of colleagues from Princeton and the University of California <a href=" ">we found out </a> that the new coronavirus remains active in the air for up to three hours, on copper — up to four, on cardboard it survives for a day, and on plastic and stainless steel — up to two or three days.
If you don't like to go to the doctors, but would like to know if everything is all right with you — there are some ways to assess the general condition of the body.
For thousands of years, man and dog have lived together; it would seem that we know everything about these animals. However, scientists are beginning to discover their most unusual abilities only now.