Doctors have been monitoring stroke survivors for four and a half years to identify the formula of life. Of course, it lies in the movement.
The feeling of nervous anxiety on the morning after the holiday, sometimes similar to shame, is normal, scientists reassure.
In Russia, it is considered that a sauna is the key to long years. Of course, for healthy people, both the sauna and the sauna are useful (especially for the heart). However, do not forget that such temperature conditions can be dangerous, and in rare cases — fatal.
If wine stained everyone's teeth the same way, there would be no problem. However, after drinking a bottle with friends or in a romantic setting, some people notice that their teeth are colored purple, while the rest are fine, and the teeth have not changed color. Why is this happening?
Having saved on alcohol, a person can wake up the next day after having fun with a ringing head and pain all over his body. Why do cheap alcoholic beverages more often lead to a severe hangover than expensive ones?
We often hear that you need to drink alcohol in a strict manner, increasing the strength of drinks. But will this rule save you from a severe hangover?
To endure when you really want to go to the toilet is normal. We suffer during long trips, in cinemas and simply because it's awkward to take time off. But is it true that the bladder can burst if you don't go to the toilet for a long time?
The American Heart Association (AHA) has released the results of the first large-scale study aimed at identifying the relationship between alcohol consumption, diabetes and hypertension.
Like many existing substances, sodium oxybutyrate can be both beneficial to humans and dangerous to health.
The new definition of brain death will help people understand when a person really died, even if his heart continues to beat.