The widespread use of composite materials in the creation of new generation aircraft is one of the main trends in the aviation industry. Composites can be used to manufacture the fuselage, wings, tail and other elements of the aircraft, which reduces its weight and increases strength. However, nothing is perfect: over time, the mechanical and strength properties of composite materials deteriorate, which is associated with the accumulation of damage during operation. It is extremely important to calculate exactly how this process takes place in order to increase the resource of aviation products.
Swiss researchers have claimed to have calculated the mathematical constant pi to a new world record of accuracy, reaching 62.8 trillion decimal places using a supercomputer.
Scientists from the University of Southern California have found a peptide that protects against type 1 diabetes. Researchers at the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology explained the mechanism of SARS-CoV-2 exposure in patients with type 2 diabetes. Scientists at Seoul University have shown that a side effect of diabetes medication is the mitigation of Alzheimer's disease.
Spanish scientists have found out that diabetics are much more susceptible to the severe course of COVID-19 – and explained why this happens.
A peptide called MOTS-c has shown itself to be a promising tool for preventing type 1 diabetes in both experimental animals and humans.
Researchers from the HSE and the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences have demonstrated the ability of T-cell immunity to resist the 11 most common variants of SARS-CoV-2. Scientists at Northwestern University, USA have developed a method of fighting tumors using NK cells of innate immunity. Brown University scientists have shown that self-isolation negatively affects the intellectual development of children born during the pandemic.
Materials that change their properties in response to certain stimuli can occupy a valuable niche in many fields, from robotics to medicine and modern aircraft. A new example of such a shape-shifting technology was presented in the form of an imitation of ancient chain mail armor, which allows you to quickly switch from a flexible version to a rigid one due to the features of the material.
A Serbian hermit who lived in a small mountain cave for more than 20 years found out about the pandemic and decided to take action.
The statement that all diseases are from the head is not too far from the truth. But it would be more accurate to say that there is a very specific place in the head — the oral cavity, on the condition of which the health of different systems and departments of the body directly depends. Problems with teeth and gums can cause disorders in the heart, lungs, nervous system, reproductive organs, reduce overall immunity. Why is this happening and how to recognize signals that something is wrong with the body?
The developers of the Russian EpiVacCorona vaccine called their drug safe and not causing any special problems. Except, perhaps, one.