The technology of fixing the neutrino flux coming from a nuclear reactor was proposed by MEPhI scientists 50 years ago. Modern developments are being carried out on elastic coherent scattering discovered three years ago – the interaction of neutrinos with energy conservation with all nucleons at once.
Due to the pandemic, cases of burnout have become more frequent. Previously, this condition was considered a consequence of fatigue, but when everyone switched to remote work, there was more work and fatigue, too. The distance obliges many to be in touch 24/7, the lack of a change of situation also hits hard on the emotional state. We tell you how not to confuse burnout with banal fatigue and not to end up in a psychologist's office.
It turns out that fingernails can tell about a person's health — in particular, about the coronavirus infection they have suffered.
Experts believe that any disease, including coronavirus, is easier to prevent than to treat.
Locals complain about the sharp smell of the substance.
According to a survey conducted by Ipsos Mori, the majority of the population of the 20 richest countries in the world is concerned about global warming and is ready for personal efforts to save the planet. According to a report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, July 2021 was the warmest in 142 years of observations. Columbia University scientists have applied a new method of analyzing annual tree rings and have shown that the temperature in Central Asia has been rising since the 1990s.
Researchers have made an amazing breakthrough in growing mini-organs in the laboratory.
American scientists have found out that the tuberculosis vaccine, commonly known by the abbreviation BCG, can be useful in the treatment and prevention of coronavirus infection. However, not everyone agrees with this.
One of the useful skills of working in information security is the ability to distinguish between the model of the intruder and the image of the enemy. The first term means a fairly specific description of the contingent of citizens who are able to realize the threat; the accuracy of such models is checked by penetration tests. And the image of the enemy is something that is replicated in the media and often resembles forms of collective insanity.
In 2020, the popularity of distance medicine has increased significantly. In order not to stand in queues of polyclinics, Russians began to apply for online consultations more and more. Most often, the help of a therapist was required, but consultations of neurologists, gynecologists and gastroenterologists were also in demand.