A baby shark born in an aquarium with females, where there were no males for more than ten years, stunned scientists.
Oxford University scientists have assessed the decrease in the effectiveness of Pfizer/BioNTech and AstraZeneka vaccines over time. In Israel, mandatory revaccination is carried out for everyone over the age of 50. Scientists from the San Raffaele Scientific Institute have found that colds reduce the effectiveness of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. The head of the Gamalea Center, Alexander Ginzburg, believes that if the current rates of vaccination are maintained, collective immunity will be achieved in Russia in 2021.
For the second summer in a row, the planet is enveloped in clouds of smoke caused by forest fires. The clouds are so big that they can even affect the weather, create lightning and paint the skies in different colors. Smoke contains dangerous particles that threaten our health. Unfortunately, they cannot be contained.
American scientists have managed to find out how the coronavirus penetrates into human cells and then attacks his body.
Any person who dreams of reaching career heights should continuously develop and upgrade their skills — both hard and soft. Only a combination of professional competencies plus developed socio-psychological qualities will allow you to organize any activity correctly.
We don't know much about Daspletosaurus, a Late Cretaceous theropod that lived in the forests of North America 75 million years ago. Recently, paleontologists have shed light on one of the mysteries associated with this animal by doing a CT scan of the cranial boxes of two individuals in order to digitally reconstruct the brain and adjacent structures.
In addition to the basic well—known states of matter — solid, liquid, gas and plasma - many other, much more exotic states can be created in the laboratory.
It is possible to deceive our eyes, but not our consciousness. That is why psychologists use the popular method of visual tests: this approach helps to reveal a person's identity. Our test does not pretend to be serious and professional, but it will still be able to tell you something about you.
As a widely used material worldwide, cement has a huge impact on the environment and accounts for about eight percent of our CO2 emissions, but scientists hope to solve this problem by making changes to the composition of the material.
Scientists from the University Clinic of Dusseldorf have grown an artificial brain from human skin cells, in which optical cups were formed. Biologists at the University of Cambridge taught cuttlefish a simple language and tested their episodic memory. Scientists from the University of New York have shown that an interested conversation can slow down the development of Alzheimer's disease.