Alexander Ginzburg, director of the Gamalei Research Center, said that next year the first phase of clinical trials of a single vaccine against several strains of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza virus may begin. Scientists from Singapore have concluded that matrix vaccines can protect against a whole group of coronaviruses. Sputnik Lite became the first internationally officially approved booster vaccine.
Australian scientists have conducted a number of isotopic studies and revealed the composition and origin of deep diamonds that were formed at a depth of about 400 kilometers.
Babies, imitating the speech of their parents, begin to babble. They, without realizing it, try to cut into the conversation. This is because there are areas in our brain that are evolutionarily predetermined for speech processing. Reading literally changes the brain and modifies it.
Currently, assisted reproductive technologies used for the treatment of infertility allow you to get a long-awaited pregnancy in almost any clinical situation. With the help of the in vitro fertilization program, it is now possible to overcome not only the tubal factor (what this method was originally created for), but also male and endocrine infertility. In addition, using IVF, we have the opportunity to diagnose and select healthy embryos from parents who are carriers of genetic diseases.
The possibility of time travel has excited scientists for hundreds of years, inspiring countless books and films. The ability to move not only in space, but also into the past or the future would open up many possibilities for humanity. But is time travel theoretically possible?
A new study has found that giant carnivorous millipedes on an island in the South Pacific Ocean can eat up to 3,700 seabird chicks every year.
Perforation of the eardrum leads to pain and hearing impairment, and it is extremely difficult to correct such a defect. PhonoGraft, developed by Harvard scientists, is an implant printed on a 3D printer that can patch up damage by stimulating the growth of natural cells.
Krasnoyarsk scientists have obtained new promising thin films made of oxygen, copper and titanium nitride. Their electrical resistance is a thousand times less than that of ordinary titanium nitride. Based on the obtained material, physicists have discovered new properties of copper that allow it to accumulate on the surface of films and make phase transitions. The results obtained can become a technological breakthrough in the development of resistors and transistors of a new generation.
A group of scientists from the United States has demonstrated a drug that can suppress appetite and blood glucose levels, as well as prevent diseases such as obesity and diabetes.
Do you feel younger than indicated in the passport? Most likely, your mental age does not correspond to your biological age. How do you determine how old you really are? Psychologists suggest solving this problem with the help of color tests. Here's one for you.