Scientists have found that female Jacobin hummingbirds prefer to wear male plumage - this allows them to be attacked less by males during feeding.
Tiny structures made up of mechanically bound molecules can act as single molecular machines, and this is an extremely exciting field of chemical research.
It is fashionable to grow flowers now: this hobby has long attracted not only quiet decent pensioners, but also very extravagant people. The world of indoor plants is very diverse: for each of us there is a flower suitable in character, temperament and degree of originality.
Having conducted new radio observations, astronomers have excluded the traditional explanation of the cyclic nature of the cosmic signal, which repeats with curious frequency.
The people who lived in the city of Herculaneum were instantly killed by the torrents of monstrous heat erupting from Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Nothing was left of their stomachs, but this did not prevent archaeologists from learning about the diet of the doomed ancient Romans.
Brazilian police seized a fossil from smugglers, which turned out to be the perfectly preserved remains of a pterosaur — a flying reptile that lived on Earth more than 100 million years ago.
Specialists of the state Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology Vector have found out whether it is possible to get infected with coronavirus through drinking or sea water.
These exercises are very simple, do not take much time and have a good effect. They will strengthen the muscles so that when you get up from a chair or carry a bag of groceries, you will not accidentally get injured. However, we still recommend performing them under the supervision of a trainer, and if there are any health problems, consult a doctor before classes.
Scientists have published a new detailed radio image of the Andromeda galaxy – the sister of our Milky Way — which will allow them to identify and study those areas of the galactic spiral where new stars are born.
A graduate student of the ITMO Faculty of Information Technology and Programming has created a new method for automatic recognition of brain tumors from MRI images. It will allow you to better interpret the predictions of the neural network to determine where it is not sure.