The Kingdom of Denmark has just gotten a little bigger after researchers from the University of Copenhagen accidentally discovered the northernmost island in the world.
Today, the weather forecast is no longer just a solution to a complex mathematical problem or divination by clouds. Today, in addition to complex technologies, user experience about errors is also used to compile it. This allows you to make the precipitation forecast more accurate by 20%, with details to the house.
The painting The Last Day of Pompeii in colors shows how scary nature can be. On this day 1942 years ago, the eruption of Vesuvius claimed thousands of lives, and victims of this disaster are still being found.
Australian scientists have conducted a number of isotopic studies and revealed the composition and origin of deep diamonds that were formed at a depth of about 400 kilometers.
Locals complain about the sharp smell of the substance.
It is commonly thought that oysters are grown mainly for the sake of eating. However, these mollusks are capable of more — for example, they can purify water from nitrogen and fine suspension. Therefore, many eco-activists help oysters survive and reproduce, so that they, in turn, help other species.
A new model of changes in the main current of the Atlantic is constructed — the Gulf Stream is slowing down. The area of flooding in the world increased by 20% from 2000 to 2015. No matter how much we plant forests, it will not help to cope with CO2 emissions. At the current rate of ice melting, emperor penguins will virtually disappear by 2100.
Small lizards — African geckos — are widely distributed in the Western Hemisphere, including in America. However, historically, this species originated in south-east Africa — in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and other nearby areas. So how did it happen that geckos were able to cross the Atlantic Ocean and settle on a new continent?
The new legal term ecocide means intentional harm to the planet. If this definition is adopted by the International Criminal Court, the destruction of the environment will stand on a par with war crimes and will open the way for the prosecution of world leaders and corporate executives who deliberately harm nature in their own interests.
Scientists have deduced the dependence: the higher the sea level, the lower the volcanic activity on Earth.