The successes of medicine over the past century are associated not only with the development of the latest drugs that cure patients, but with vaccination - the introduction of vaccines to those who are not yet sick.
What do you do if you scratch? Smear the scratch with iodine or zelenka, close it with a bactericidal patch. What for? A strange question: so that the ion germs do not suppurate.
The evolution of life on Earth is so large-scale and striking in its own results that it is tempting to see some kind of "intelligent design" behind us. But modern evolutionary biology insists: Darwin's brilliant conjecture of natural selection as the driving mechanism of evolution is relevant to this day. New scientific discoveries do not contradict the fundamental foundations of the theory of evolution.
Almost the entire twentieth century was spent in a joyful conviction that looking tanned is very fashionable, sporty and useful for health. But is that really the case?
Life expectancy largely depends on genetic predisposition - which means that it can be predicted on the basis of genetic screening.
No one knows how it works, but everyone uses it. Nanem bases scientific conclusions on the efficacy of drugs. It isamo can sometimes act as a role of medicines and successfully replace them. Incomprehensible, like human nature itself, mysterious and contradictory, like all medicine, placebo.