It's interesting how sometimes outstanding discoveries, on the one hand, tell us some important truth, and on the other hand signal that the truths are still being dug up and dug up. All this fully relates to the sensations of recent years associated with the identification of previously unknown alternative branches of humanity.
Spy Jason Bourne automatically remembers the numbers of all cars in the parking lot. The hero of the series 24 hours Jack Bauer instantly distinguishes terrorists from the crowd. Agent James Bond effortlessly finds listening devices in his room. Even the good old Stirlitz easily notices the tail behind him. This is called situational readiness, and it happens not only in movies.
The ability to control thoughts in one form or another has been widely used by the authors of numerous science fiction novels. But recently, the visualization of mental images has ceased to belong to the realm of fiction.
150 years ago, a man bitten by a rabid animal was doomed. Today, scientists are improving weapons with an ancient and extremely dangerous enemy - the rabies virus.
Imagine a picture familiar to cinema: a hypnotist introduces a patient into a trance state, holding a pendulum of a thin thread in front of his eyes. Hypnosis is a little-studied phenomenon; if some do not doubt the necessity of its use, then others consider it quackery even more. Strangely enough, in the 1960s, a number of electrical appliances appeared designed to introduce the patient to either sleep or trance, the so-called brain machines.
As in this world, sugar is fraught with danger. The result of our craving for sweetness is unlimited only by caries, so it is recommended to limit the use of sugar. But sometimes you want sweet things so much!
The developed speech apparatus and the ability to articulately pronounce words is one of the most important factors that made an animal a person. The more insignificant the verbal (verbal) part occupies only from 20 to 40% of human communication. The rest is "non-verbal".
Nomo sapiens is endowed with a harmonious set of feelings to adequately perceive and explore the world around them, with skillful hands to transform the reality around them. However, sometimes nature invades this well-established interface, as strange things happen...
The origin of the human brain belongs to the main mysteries of the evolution of IK one of the most controversial topics in biological science. Why did evolution support primate brain development at some point in time? Why has the brain grown so rapidly for a short period? And why is the brain of Homo sapiens constantly losing weight for 30,000 years?
According to official data, about 130 thousand soldiers of the American army in Iraq and Afghanistan received various brain injuries of varying degrees of danger, from mild concussion to lethal. A simple face mask could have saved many of them.