Coffee is a stimulant that increases concentration and alertness. Many of us drink it in the morning or during the working day to improve mental performance. Interestingly, caffeine can also have a stimulating effect that improves physical performance during exercise.
Sleeping for, for example, ten hours in a row can be called a waste of time, scientists are sure.
The Russian Association of Allergists and Clinical Immunologists has released a document that tells how often allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine occur.
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant reduction in the incidence of controlled infections.
Russian scientists have described the case of a patient whose SARS-CoV-2 evolved in the body for 318 days, but she was saved. Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Areg Totolyan named the main reasons for immunity to coronavirus. Sergei Sobyanin estimated Moscow's budget losses from the pandemic at 600 billion rubles. Scientists at New York University have built a model that allows us to assess the readiness of the region for the safe removal of anti-weed restrictions.
The chief freelance specialist in primary health care for the adult population of the Moscow Department of Health assures that the heat aggravates the course of any disease.
German scientists from the University of Munich conducted a series of studies to find an answer to the question of the cause of blood clots after vaccination with AstraZeneca.
All lovers of spicy food know what chili peppers are capable of. Moreover, some people love this burning sensation so much that they actively participate in chili eating competitions, where they try even the sharpest species, including the Carolina Reaper. By the way, in 2013 it was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the hottest pepper in the world. But can a craze for such products harm our health?
The pandemic cost the Russian capital about 600 billion rubles – this is the amount of lost income and payments as support measures.
Due to the increase in cases of breakthrough infections caused by the Indian strain of coronavirus, a dispute has escalated in the scientific community about the mandatory introduction of the third component of the booster vaccine. Pharmacological companies confirm the effectiveness of their drugs, but scientists are still asking not to jump to conclusions.