Roskachestvo told about the rules for choosing a delicious melon, the features indicating its ripeness, as well as the best time to buy it. And, of course, the use!
What is the meaning of life? All the answers to this question come down to one thing – to live. Live happily ever after. A long life and a healthy, active old age is the oldest and most cherished dream of a person. But in order to overcome or at least postpone old age and death, it is necessary to know what the aging process is.
According to tweets from the radical feminist group Women's Liberation Front (WoLF), at least one woman, and possibly more, became pregnant as a result of the adoption of a new California law that allows women to be placed in the same prison cells with men claiming to be women.
Several families have sued a specialist in infertility treatment – they claim that he used not only someone else's sperm from outside donors, but also his own to fertilize patients.
Friends assure you that you look normal or even good, but you refuse to believe it and demand to delete the picture. In fact, everything is simple.
Rospotrebnadzor answered the most popular questions about the variant of coronavirus B.1.617.2, widely known as delta.
American scientists have found out that malfunctions in the microflora in the intestine make the immune system less susceptible to the action of oral vaccines.
Such statistics were collected in the UK, and it is urgent to fight poverty, experts say.
Attempts to find a universal dialect for communication have not left the minds of mankind since about the time of the Tower of Babel. Things are moving – economists have even introduced such a concept as the language power index.
Early in the morning on New Year's Eve in Minnesota (it was 1980), a man named Wally Nelson stumbled upon the body of his girlfriend lying in the snow just a few meters from his door.