The fact that vaccination can help reduce the spread of coronavirus and prevent the emergence of new strains is being talked about at every corner. But as usual, there are people who refuse to believe in scientific data. And if you are very concerned about the fate of your anti-vaccination friend, we share safe and very humane ways to sow a grain of doubt in his mind.
While jogging, cycling, swimming and other types of cardio exercises have long proven to be excellent ways to burn calories, the relationship between strength training and weight loss is much more difficult to trace – but scientists have succeeded.
Stimulation of harmful white adipose tissue with IL-25 cytokine turns it into useful beige and reduces the risk of obesity in mice. A plant-based diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the elderly by 52%. Fitness trackers really help to get rid of excess weight, especially step counters are useful. When training with weights, the cells of white adipose tissue receive the command to burn fat and give energy.
A new Australian study has demonstrated how COVID-19 affects the activity of the immune system in the long term.
Spanish experts tried to figure out whether it is true that antibodies against other coronaviruses can help with protection against COVID-19.
Experts say that after vaccination with the Russian drug Sputnik V, there are no problems with blood thickening and thrombosis. Why?
We live among thousands of species of bacteria. Usually our interaction with them does not cause any harm, but if certain microorganisms get into our food or water, they can harm the human body.
Molochia is a variety of plants in the jute family. It is also called Korchorus, Jewish mallow, Jute mallow or Nalta. According to legend, a dish made from this plant cured a sick Egyptian ruler in the 10th century. However, over time, molochia was banned throughout the country because of the aphrodisiac effect it had on women.
This is a 50-meter emotional antenna capable of sending any messages into space.
From September 10 to 12, 2021, a hackathon on artificial intelligence will be held in Veliky Novgorod, conducted by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia with the organizational support of the presidential platform Russia – the Land of Opportunities and the Russian Association of Electronic Communications. Its participants will have to develop an automated analytical system that allows using artificial intelligence technologies to identify and classify possible corruption-causing factors in regulatory legal acts (NPAs). The hackathon case manager is the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.