The human body contains several different types of fat, and one of them with particularly insidious effects is visceral fat, which can be found deep inside the abdominal cavity. These deep-lying fat deposits cover the organs and affect our health more than it may seem at first glance.
Libido. This concept of psychoanalysis was developed by grandfather Freud to explain the sacred sexual energy of a person. We offer you to learn more about your sexual inclinations by the method of the author of graphic tests Zlata Koroleva.
Duke University scientists have estimated the likelihood of pandemics in the future. The Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation estimated the state's costs for combating the pandemic. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the effectiveness of vaccines has fallen to 66% due to the spread of the delta strain. The International Vaccine Institute (South Korea) has announced the start of the second phase of clinical trials of a vaccine against the chikungunya virus in Costa Rica.
The Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund has calculated how much the state is forced to spend on the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection in Russia. And how much he will spend later.
Three things, once started, are difficult to finish: eating good food; talking to a friend who has returned from a hike and scratching where it itches. Kozma Prutkov, The fruits of reflection.
A year ago, we witnessed a shift in education, when most offline classes were replaced with online classes, and nothing terrible happened. Especially when it came to additional education for high school students and adults. Ten or even five years ago, such a transition would have been painful due to the low bandwidth of the Internet for streaming and the lack of habit of regular consumption of content in this format.
According to a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a restaurant in Michigan was the source of an unusual salmonella outbreak that lasted for more than a decade. As a result of a long investigation, experts determined that it was not the food that infected the visitors of the restaurant, but the restaurant building itself and its employees, who were asymptomatically carrying the bacterium.
Alexander Ginzburg, director of the Gamalei Research Center, said that next year the first phase of clinical trials of a single vaccine against several strains of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza virus may begin. Scientists from Singapore have concluded that matrix vaccines can protect against a whole group of coronaviruses. Sputnik Lite became the first internationally officially approved booster vaccine.
Babies, imitating the speech of their parents, begin to babble. They, without realizing it, try to cut into the conversation. This is because there are areas in our brain that are evolutionarily predetermined for speech processing. Reading literally changes the brain and modifies it.
Perforation of the eardrum leads to pain and hearing impairment, and it is extremely difficult to correct such a defect. PhonoGraft, developed by Harvard scientists, is an implant printed on a 3D printer that can patch up damage by stimulating the growth of natural cells.