The largest tobacco producers in Russia may suspend the production of cigarettes due to a shortage of raw materials. We will tell you what will happen if all smokers in the country abruptly quit smoking.
Almost 60% of the world's population lives in Asian countries, so experts pay great attention to this region. But now they have to announce anti-record statistics and urge people to be more careful. What happens from Turkey to Japan?
The virologist spoke about why it is not worth waiting for the end of the pandemic next year — the people themselves are to blame.
The endocrinologist told about how to eat for those who have survived COVID-19 and want to improve their health.
A girl was born in Israel with an embryo in her stomach, which is an extremely rare medical pathology.
According to the International Group of Experts on the average annual temperature, 2020 was the second hottest year in the history of observations. Scientists from the University of Colorado named the most environmentally dirty power plants in the world. Scientists at the University of Cambridge believe that in places of tectonic faults, atmospheric carbon is converted into diamonds. At the conference of the Alzheimer's Association, it was shown that clean air slows down the development of dementia.
Everyone has heard more than once that swimming helps to fight stress, improves immunity, memory, cognitive functions and, eventually, mood. Swimming also helps to repair damage to neural connections in the brain and establish new ones. Scientists do not yet understand why this particular sport affects the brain so much, but they are discovering more and more benefits from practicing in the pool.
Problems with self-esteem, lack of motivation and other difficulties on the way to communicating with foreigners. Spoiler: The snag lies in our past, but it is solved in the present.
Combining different drugs can help increase the body's resistance to various strains of coronavirus infection.
It goes without saying that the sooner you can get information about an impending heart attack or stroke, the better for the patient. The new patch is designed specifically for these purposes and is able to send ultrasonic pulses to the user's body.