Okay, boomer! Watch tiktoks, YouTube and listen to the speech of your teenager, trying to understand what it is all about? It won't work that way. We have made a selection of the most popular English words and phrases that are actively used in social networks. Easy-easy, reel-tok!* Dahl would check it out, but it's not accurate.
According to a UN report, 17% of the food produced in the world every year is thrown into the trash. In 2019, the mass of food waste amounted to 931 million tons.
If a modern person were transported to the Middle Ages, he would definitely go crazy! The customs and beliefs of those times are very different from our foundations, and life itself was several times more complicated. The people were poor, it was dirty everywhere, and almost any food had no taste. You can't call such a life sweet, perhaps that's why society invented a lot of traditions that today look crazy, ridiculous, and sometimes even frightening.
The statue, located on a historic facade in the Spanish city of Palencia, was once a work of art - until its head fell off. Soon the figure was reunited with the head, but something clearly went wrong.
Agree, adults are damn self—confident creatures. And if you, like all normal parents, sometimes boil over because for some reason your child cannot understand what is obvious to you, like two and two, then here is the opposite case. Here is an ordinary problem for schoolchildren, which 9 out of 10 will solve without any problems. Well, shall we crack our brains?
There are more than 150,000 words in literary Russian. If you add dialects and jargon here, you will get almost 600,000 words. It is hardly possible and necessary to know them all. But can you guess what each of these words means?
In the city of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, the Historical Society has chosen a new mayor. This time it was the bulldog Wilbur Beiste, who collected a record number of votes and donations to the administration.
From Introduction through Materials and Methods to results and conclusions. Scientific publications have come a long way, starting with the records of ancient Egyptian priests, and the structure of the article familiar to every scientist appeared only in the second half of the twentieth century.
Both tops of the Earth, located around the poles, are territories of extremely harsh climate. It's very cold there, not only in winter, but also in summer. Nevertheless, people live in these places. In the Far North – somewhere from the Neolithic and constantly, in the Far South - the last half a century or so and in shifts. We decided to figure out what technological highlights allow them to endure frosts.
It is difficult to explain the attempts to attribute almost all the key achievements and exploits of mankind to inventors and scientists from Russia – as, indeed, any other single country. Dubious and often unsupported claims only distract attention from real discoveries and finds, which – if we talk about our country – are already plentiful. True connoisseurs of the history of science will easily recall such examples as electronic paramagnetic resonance and chromatography, the Kardashev scale, the Cherenkov effect and the Belousov – Jabotinsky reaction, tracked transport, helicopter automatic skew, ekranoplanes, television and tokamak, the Tetris game and the RAR archiver, the mineral cubic zirconia and the alloy will win, elements of Moscovium and Oganeson – all this is our a significant contribution to the common cause of progress.