What can Hitler's teeth tell us about his death Person

What can Hitler's teeth tell us about his death

Three years ago, a team of scientists led by Professor Philippe Charlier gained access to fragments of the Fuhrer's teeth and conducted a study designed to determine the cause of his death. The FSB granted permission for this in July 2017, which in itself is an unprecedented event — before that, the teeth had been kept in a closed state archive since 1946. The work itself was published in 2018 in the scientific journal European Journal of Internal Medicine. According to the professor himself, the genuine teeth really belonged to Hitler.

You can leave all the conspiracy theories that concerned his death. He did not escape to Argentina by submarine, did not hide in a secret base in Antarctica and did not even fly to the dark side of the moon," says Charlier. During the analysis, scientists found multiple pathologies and calcium deposits, but there were no traces of meat consumption at all — the dictator was a vegetarian.

The study not only confirms the generally accepted theory that Hitler died on April 30, 1945 in a Berlin bunker with Eva Braun, but also sheds light on the exact causes of death. Apparently, the Fuhrer decided to hedge his bets and took an ampoule of cyanide, after which he shot himself in the head. At the same time, there were no remnants of gunpowder on the teeth themselves — probably the shot was made in the neck or forehead, and not in the mouth. Traces of cyanide are indicated by bluish deposits on dentures - probably the consequences of a chemical reaction between the poison and the metal.