What are the similarities between dolphins and humanoid monkeys Biology

What are the similarities between dolphins and humanoid monkeys

For more than a decade, scientists have been observing the behavior of Indian bottlenose dolphins living off the western coast of Australia, and in particular, how a specific hunting technique — shaking out - is spreading among the dolphin population. Dolphins push large shells to the surface of the water with their noses, where prey, usually fish, hides, and shake it out into their mouths.

It was believed that such hunting techniques in dolphins are transmitted from mothers to children, and scientists call it vertical transmission. But, as Swiss researchers have found out, dolphins also adopt such techniques from each other in adulthood within one generation, that is, there is already a horizontal transfer of skills.

In addition, the results of the study expand the understanding of how dolphins adapt to environmental changes by changing their behavior. The ability to learn from relatives allows new techniques and skills to spread quickly throughout the population. It is likely that the appearance of the shaking itself was the result of the mass extinction of giant snails as a result of the heat of 2011 — the numerous dead shells left after that pushed dolphins to learn new methods of foraging.