SpaceX launched ants, avocados and a robot into space Astronomy

SpaceX launched ants, avocados and a robot into space

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle with the Dragon spacecraft launched on Sunday from the Cape Canaveral cosmodrome in Florida. The Dragon cargo ship will dock at the International Space Station on the evening of August 30 in automatic mode. The launch vehicle has already landed safely on the SpaceX oceanic platform.

Dragon carries more than two tons of supplies and equipment, as well as fresh food, including avocados, lemons and even ice cream for seven astronauts on the ISS. They send a variety of things — girl scouts send experimental ants and plants, while scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison send seeds of watercress used in genetic research.

Meanwhile, the experimental robotic arm of a Japanese startup company will make its debut in orbit and will try to fasten parts and perform other daily duties usually performed by humans - the arm will be able to work with switches and tools, as well as assemble equipment and help with scientific experiments. The first tests will be conducted inside the station, but by 2025 such mechanisms are planned to be used in the construction of lunar bases.