Is it necessary to drink two liters a day: 5 popular myths about water Person

Is it necessary to drink two liters a day: 5 popular myths about water

Water reduces appetite

Despite the fact that many people drink water before and during meals to reduce appetite, it has no effect. Water passes quickly through the gastrointestinal tract and does not saturate, as it does not contribute to the production of hormones that signal that you are full.

Water removes various toxins from the body

In fact, when you drink a large amount of water, this leads to the fact that you have a larger amount of urine, but the excretion of various substances does not increase, only their concentration in the urine decreases.

But what about heavy drinking in diseases? Here folk wisdom confuses cause and effect. The patient needs a lot of fluid because he loses it with sweat and other secretions. And risks getting dehydrated. But water does not remove decay products from the body, it is done by the organs of our body — with any amount of water in the body.

Water reduces headache

This is refuted by clinical practice and facts. Here again, the tail and the beginning of the problem are confused. Headache MAY occur with dehydration, but drinking does not relieve it. A sufficient amount of water can prevent migraines, but it may not help, because migraines have dozens of causes.

Water consumption improves the condition of the skin

In fact, water cannot moisturize the skin from the inside and linger in its layers. The condition of the skin depends on how much water evaporates from it. And this, in turn, depends on the overall health of the body, the temperature of the air around you and whether you use moisturizers.

It is useful to drink 2 liters of water a day

The authors of the study do not find a rational explanation for such a widespread recommendation, since there is no scientific justification for this. And then, let's judge for ourselves — how can these notorious 2 liters be the recommended dose for everyone? Compare a girl weighing 42 kg and her mother at 86. And two liters of each of them? Drink simply according to need.

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