At what stage of pregnancy is it better to be vaccinated against COVID-19 Person

At what stage of pregnancy is it better to be vaccinated against COVID-19

According to TASS, Natalia Dolgushina, the chief freelance specialist on women's reproductive health of the Ministry of Health of Russia, said that vaccination against COVID-19 does not increase the risk of complications during pregnancy, but it is still better to get vaccinated at the optimal time for this. It is best to be vaccinated in advance, at the stage of pregnancy planning. However, if the vaccination was not carried out at this stage, it is indicated during pregnancy," she claims.

Currently, a lot of data has been accumulated on the effectiveness and safety of COVID-19 vaccines, including during pregnancy. Studies on animal models and clinical observations of patients vaccinated during pregnancy have shown that vaccines do not increase the risk of any obstetric or perinatal complications. The optimal time for vaccination is the gestation period after 22 weeks," the specialist said.

The expert also recalled that coronavirus infection is a dangerous disease, especially for pregnant women. It can lead to an increased risk of obstetric complications and maternal mortality. During pregnancy, COVID-19 is especially dangerous for women at risk: with obesity, cardiovascular diseases, chronic lung diseases, diabetes mellitus, oncological diseases, chronic liver and kidney diseases," Dolgushina added.

In Russia, the Sputnik V vaccine is allowed for vaccination of pregnant women. Earlier, Alexander Ginzburg, director of the Gamalei Center, who is the developer of the Sputnik V drug, said that the vaccine has no effect on newborn children. According to the expert, the mother's antibodies are the only protection of infants up to six to seven months, which allows to prevent their possible infection with coronavirus infection.